The U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center, Miami, Florida has asked assistance in locating the owner(s) of two overturned vessels located  on 20 OCT 2019 by the M/V ACE INDEPENDENCE and USCG  in position 27 54.5 N / 079 15.8 W, or approximately 60 NM East of Vero Beach, FL, and 74 NM North of West End, Grand Bahama Island.

Both boats are approximately 30’ in length, white hulls, each vessel having two outboard engines.  The outboard engines were both found in the tilted up position, and the boats were tethered together bow to stern, and the lead vessel had a parted bow line.  There were no registration numbers, only “FL” with the numbers scratched off.

The vessels were found stern down and no HIN or serial numbers could be obtained at this time.  The vessels were marked by the USCG – “CG OK” and chemical lights were placed on the vessels.

It is likely these boats were victims of Hurricane Dorian as it hit the Bahamas on 01 SEP 2019. kindly requests all persons in the Bahamas be made aware of this information and provide any information to who will pass the information along to USCG Rescue Coordination Center, Miami, FL.    Please share this post with all interests in the Bahamas, especially in the Abacos where Hurricane Dorian hit the hardest.