Report a Marine Incident to Boat Watch

The mission of Boat Watch is to maintain a worldwide network of resources to aid mariners that are missing or overdue; have a boat stolen; or to whom urgent messages need to be relayed.

How to report an incident

To request our services, fill out the secure form on this page. While you may not have all the information in the form, providing as much as you can will help.

We will contact you to verify and move forward with your request. We speak English, but can translate your request if necessary. Do not put credit card numbers, banking information or other sensitive information on this form. If for some reason it is necessary, we will talk to you by phone.

You may also contact us by Phone or Email.

Contact Glenn Tuttle

Call us with WhatsAPPPhone: 941-456-5070
Ham: K9TUT

Contact Eddie Tuttle

Phone: 941-456-5080
Ham: K9TOT

Information we need:

  • Name of the person submitting the Boat Watch
  • Primary, and, if available, Secondary Phone Number as well as your Email Address
  • Is this request for a Missing, Overdue or Stolen Boat or is this for an Urgent Message?
  • What is the name of the vessel? Is it a sailing or motor vessel?
  • Can you give us the size of the vessel?
  • What is the hailing port or country of registration?
  • What is the reason for this report? (example: serious illness or death in the family; vessel is long overdue, or family is concerned why no word in a long time, etc.).
  • If possible, a photo of the vessel and the person(s) onboard will be most helpful


Incident Report Request Form

Incident Report Request

Have you filed a missing or overdue report to another agency?
Boat Watch Category of Seriousness *
Type of Boat:

Vessel Equipment Aboard

Communications equipment available on board:
Navigation Equipment Aboard:
Locator Safety Equipment Aboard:

Does the Boat have a Life Raft or Dinghy?