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A BOLO has been issued for the MV Guadalupe, an 83 foot Yacht Club Playa Company boat, returning from giving aid in Haiti.

The last known position on September 28, 2021 at 12:35 PM, recorded on a spot tracker was 130 miles east/southeast of Cozumel at Latitude: 19 ° 47.4´N / Longitude: 084°40.4´W. It was 184 miles west/northwest of Grand Cayman. There are four crew members missing.

Report any sightings or information to RCC Mexico Coast Guard.


Crew: 1 Mexican and 3 foreigners residing in Mexico.1. Carlos Juárez, 45, Argentine / American nationality.2. Denis Manuel Fernández Diaz, 47 years old. nautical captain. Cuban nationality.3. Renzo Spaciano, 20, a sailor. Argentina Nationality.4. Martin Vega Argaez, 42, a sailor. Mexican nationality.

To date, there have been three search flights, one by SEMAR and two private planes hired by family and friends. None of them were successful.Support is requested in the search urgently,