UPDATE: 1231 HRS 26 NOV 2020

Weatherbird was towed to Mayaguez, PR and is now at anchor. Everyone is safe and now resting. Thanks to USCG San Juan for their assistance.

Happy Thanksgiving!
David Pyle
Blue Water Sailing School


UPDATE 1212 HRS 25 NOV 2020:

The owner of the S/V WEATHERBIRD (not on board) advised that yesterday morning, 24 NOV 2020, he received an Aid Needed (not SOS) message from the boat’s Spot device.

The owner immediately called USCG San Juan and they dispatched a helicopter to check out the situation. Weatherbird reported a broken steering system (no more details) but no other issues. They were able to sail on a fairly steady course toward San Juan, although only at 2 – 3 knots. The owner and the CG, continued to monitor the situation on the tracker.

This morning Weatherbird issued an SOS. The Coast Guard dispatched a cutter and at approx. noon EST they reported that they were on the scene and were putting a couple men on board to see if temporary repairs could be made. If not, they will tow the boat, probably to San Juan.

There are no other issues with the boat or crew, although I am sure they are tired.

UPDATE 0745 HRS 25 NOV 2020:

USCG RCC SAN JUAN advised they are in vhf radio contact with the S/V WEATHERBIRD. Their ETA to Puerto Rico is Friday, 27 Nov 2020. No further information given.
UPDATE 1620 HRS, 24 NOV 2020:

USCG RCC SAN JUAN advised the situation is well under control, the USCG is tracking their progress to Puerto Rico and they should arrive in a couple of days. I did not get into the nature of their concern out of privacy respects for the Captain and crew. Boatwatch.org applauds the USCG San Juan for quickly responding to the SPOT alert sent to them from their Float Plan manager. That is exactly the value of a Float Plan, to notify the USCG in the event of a problem. Well done S/V WEATHERBIRD and the USCG in San Juan.

Boatwatch.org spoke with USCG RCC San Juan at 1300 hrs 24 Nov 2020 regarding the S/V WEATHERBIRD. Facts gathered so far are Captain and owner of the S/V Weatherbird departed Ft. Lauderdale 16 Nov on passage to Puerto Rico where he teaches sailing for the Bluewater Sailing Association. The Bluewater Sailing association received a SPOT text message from Capt Dwayne Moran that they need unspecified assistance. The USCG has launched a helicopter to investigate. Anyone with additional information about persons on board may send an email to Glenn @Boatwatch.org. Thank you. Boatwatch.org