UPDATE: 10:15 hrs, 27NOV2020: Cancel Bolo. The owner has advised Boatwatch that he has made repairs and is headed into Bimini.


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BOLO:0800 hrs, 27 NOV 2020: USCG Miami requested mariners be on the lookout and provide any assistance to SV Stagger Lee disabled 8 Nautical Miles W of Bimini in the Bahamas and drifting NW.

Last known position is 25 43.703 N  and 079 29.475W. On board is Eugene Nesterov and three children. SV Stagger Lee has a disabled shaft which is up against the rudder. Anyone with information or can provide assistance should contact USCG RCC Miami at 305-415-6800.





0800 hrs, 27 NOV 2020:

The USCG Rescue Coordination Center, Miami, Florida has notified Boatwatch.org there is a disabled 46 foot sailboat adrift approximately 8 NM West of Bimini, Bahamas.

The S/V STAGGER LEE, with the Captain, his wife and 3 children experienced a mechanical problem when the propeller shaft backed out and is now up against the rudder. The vessel is in deep water, last known position 25 43.703 N / 079 29.475 W and drifting Northwest.

The USCG is asking for any vessel in the vicinity that may assist contact their office at 305-415-6800 or Glenn@Boatwatch.org.