Re MV Countess Cosel & Bernie Huensch

We regret to inform everyone that sadly Bernie was found today March 26, 2022, at around noon deceased on his boat at Cargill Creek, Andros Island Bahamas. The boat was still running.

The family and his attorney have been notified. The Royal Bahamian Defense Force (242-325-8864)is the lead agency handling the case.

He did have a cat named Henry on the boat. It is unknown if Henry was found.

May he rest in peace.

Broadcast Version For Maritime Mobile Service Network and Other Nets

Urgent Bolo for MV “Countess Cosel” with solo Skipper Bernhard R. Huensch, aka,Bernie, 80 years old, on aboard. His Amateur Radio call sign is KCOZVS. He was last seen passing Harvey Point, Staniel Cay Exuma at 2 PM March 24, 2022.

His plans were to turn into Big Majors anchorage but passed it on a 320 course and did not respond to radio calls or waves. He was observed in his chair on the flybridge. Cruisers are worried he has a health issue. He does have Air Ambulance Emergency Service.

UPDATE: As of March 26, 2022, RCC Miami will be assisting the Royal Bahamian Defense Force with air support. All boats in the Bahamas in the area from Staniel Cay, Exumas are requested to keep a sharp lookout and report any sightings to local authorities, Royal Bahamian Defense Force, BASRA, or RCC Miami USCG or

Cruisers in the Bahamas are searching for MV Countess Coselle, with solo skipper “Bernie” from Pipe Creek north.

The following is from cruisers in the Bahamas:


Possible MAYDAY

Exumas. Bahamas – Pipe Creek & North

Please be on lookout.

Solo Skipper may be in distress

Update: 1630hrs 4:30 pm. Search ongoing
No sighting
Likely times passing these locations.
Cistern cay 5
Elbow cay 6 pm
Norman’s 7 pm
New providence midnight
Today, March 24 Exumas Bahamas
Vicinity Pipe Creek and north.

MV Countess Coselle

Approx 40 foot Trawler

Solo Skipper Bernie.

Passed Harvey Point, Staniel Cay, Exuma at 2pm today.

On a course of 320 Speed 7 knots.

Seen on fly bridge but did not respond to radio or phone at 2pm. Was supposed to turn in to Big Majors but continued on 320 course.

His buddy boat was behind him by an hr. It highly unusual that he would not respond to his VHF radio of phone, or turn in for Big Majors.

Concern he has a health issue.

Both the Bahamas Defense Force and the warden at Waderick Wells have been alerted and have initiated a search.”