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UPDATE 2200 HRS 06 APRIL 2020:

CANCEL BOLO FOR THE TWO BAHAMIAN FISHERMEN ADRIFT SINCE 26 MARCH 2020. THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND SAFE IN CUBA! Captain Chris Lloyd of BASRA advised these 2 men are reported to be in Cuba in the custody of the Cuban border guard and are in quarantine.


Two Bahamian fishermen, Mario Armbrister and Peter Taylor are missing from near South Andros Island and possibly drifting in the Old Bahama Channel towards Cuba since March 26, 2020. They were in a 17 foot Blue and White Boston Whaler with a 40 HP Yamaha Engine. Vessels in the area are asked to keep a sharp look out and report any sightings.
This information is from the family. “On March 16th, 2020 Dwayne “Mario” Armbrister went on a crawfishing expedition. He and Peter Taylor(the other missing person) were attached to a vessel called the Sweet Dreams. They operated a 17ft Blue and White Boston with a 40 horsepower Yamaha engine.
It is alleged that on Thursday March 26th, 2020 they went on a routine haul from the bigger fishing boat and never returned. It is said that a limited was made by smaller crafts attached to the big boat as well. However, the Sweet Dreams allegedly the site where the vessel was anchored and made its way to home port in Mangrove Cay on Saturday, March 28th, 2020.
In the interim, smaller boats went back to the alleged fishing site to “look” for the men. An air search funded by the family was conducted on Sunday March 26th, 2020 with no positive results.”
Bahama Authorities believe the boat and men could be drifting towards Cuba. This is the search pattern.