Update January 6, 2020:

Correction to ships registry of vessel.

Thank you to the South African Maritime Safety Authority for checking the registry of this vessel and making the following correction.

Please note that this vessel is NOT a South African Registered vessel therefore she does not have South African Nationality.

Ownership of a vessel on the South African Ships Registration must either be a South African Citizen or a South African Resident.

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Update on S/V MINSHARA overdue between Margarita Venezuela and Martinique in the Caribbean

The former owner of this vessel reported it overdue to Boatwatch.org this morning, 20 OCT 2019.

The vessel departed Margarita, Venezuela on Monday, 14 OCT 2019 on a voyage to Martinique. There were four persons aboard, the owner, Oliver Arson age 50 (French); his wife Francie age 42 (Venezuelan); a friend Carlos, age 50 (Venezuelan); and a 4-year-old girl.

The vessel is a 57′ steel sloop, South African Flag. The vessel had been boarded and ransacked on 5 previous occasions while in Venezuelan waters. At the time the vessel departed Margarita, the engine did not work, and the radio(s) did not work. They did have a rigid dinghy.

Boatwatch.org made contact with the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) in Martinique. According to JRCC Martinique, the vessel had been dismasted and the crew all picked up by a merchant ship at position 14 57.1 N / 062 50.5 W and apparently left adrift. The crew are reported to be safe and located in Martinique.

This position is approximately 232 NM NNE of Margarita, Venezuela; 93 NM W of Martinique; and 61 NM SE of Isla Aves that belongs to Venezuela. it is more than 500 km. from the mainland of Venezuela and is situated right in the middle of the Caribbean sea 15.41.952 North and 063.39.355 West.

Aves Island is only 150 meters long and 30 meters wide. The Island is slowly disappearing and it is now a serious threat because Venezuela would lose its sovereignty in the Caribbean sea. Because of the island’s position and height (only a couple of meters), it has always been a threat to the navigation and several rich laden ships sunk on the reefs around the Island. The Venezuelan Armada has now a base there (built on stilts)

Specific details about the rescue are unknown at this time. All we know is that the four persons aboard the S/V MINSHARA were safely transported to Martinique and are in healthy condition.

If anyone in Martinique knows the captain or crew, and if they are in need of any assistance, please contact either Eddie@Boatwatch.org or Glenn@Boatwatch.org, and we will try to coordinate assistance with the help of other cruisers in nearby islands.