UPDATE March 27, 2022

Cancel Bolo for SV Bojilli -Came ashore at the Everglades Ranger Station in Key Largo; about 1 mile south of sailing club.

BOLO for stolen boat SV Bojlli.

The boat was last seen in the Upper Key Sailing Club, Key Largo, Florida. It is a 38 foot Irwin Center Cockpit with a full blue cockpit enclosure. The davits have a dinghy with a 2.5 hp outboard on the aft rail.There is a yellow jerry can on the bow and a large gray plastic box on the stern, just aft of the cockpit.

This is the note from the owner of the boat:

“The worst news just happened. We just bought our boat and now it’s been stolen. Last seen in Upper Key Sailing Club, Key Largo. 38′ Irwin CC. Full blue cockpit enclosure. Name Bojlli. Davits with dinghy, 2.5 hp outboard on aft rail, yellow Jerry can on bow, large gray plastic box on stern, just aft of cockpit.

We are out of state and hadn’t even seen her since we closed. Possibly enroute to the Bahamas. Please keep an eye out. We are devastated.

Anyone having information regarding this vessel please contact your nearest police authority and send it to:

Glenn@Boatwatch.org and/or Eddie@Boatwatch.org.