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UPDATE Nov. 26, 2022 at 8PM:

USCG Cutter DOYLE arrived on scene with SV ANYWHERE and provided diesel. They will escort until vessel is within VHF range with Sector San Juan. 

SV “Anywhere”, a 40 foot sailing vessel with a solo sailor, has shredded sails and is low on fuel. 

Last known position at 6:30 AM is 23 degrees 37 N and 67 degrees 41 W.

SV Anywhere is communicating with RCC San Juan and has a Garmin In Reach.  A Cutter is 20 NM from SV at 7 AM Nov. 26, 2022. The Cutter will provide fuel and escort him to Puerto Rico.

Keep a sharp lookout and assist if possible. Provide any sightings or information to USCG San Juan.