UPDATE July 15, 2021 from MRCC FRANCE

“Hello we localize this vessel the 12 juillet at 21h12 by  M/V GRETTA , she don’t want assistance, juste water and fuel .

Last position by ais the 13 juillet  at 27°56.24N and 0331.12.39W destination Canarie Island.

For information we have all information about this sailing vessel , if there is a probleme ( irridium , epirb)

You can cancel overdue concerning this operation

Thanks for your colaboration.”

Broadcast Version For Maritime Mobile Service Network and Other Nets

BOLO Overdue Non Emergency – S/V MARIA LIONZA, Atlantic Ocean south of Azores

MRCC France is requesting information on an overdue vessel, S/V Maria Lionza, MMSI:227895070, a Dynamic 44, with one person on board, Mr. Balliere, 70 years of age. The sailboat is in the vicinity of 30 4.218N and 28 55.489.

Report any sightings to MRCC France or the nearest Coast Guard.

MRCC has made contact with another vessel S/V Celima, a Leopard 50 on its way to Portugal for assistance and to keep a sharp lookout.

All vessels are requested to keep a sharp lookout, provide any assistance and advise MRCC MRCC Gris- Nez (Cospas-Sarsat SPOC) Telephone:(33 3 21 87 21 87) INMARSAT: SAT-C 422-799-256,at gris-nez@mrccfr.eu or any Coast Guard agency.