UPDATE: August 9, 2020

Cancel Bolo. The urgent message has been passed to SV Cool Change.


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 Non-Emergency  Boat Watch for the “SV COOL CHANGE”  thought to be in Brazil, Argentina, or Chile.

A non-emergency Boat Watch has been reported for the SV COOL CHANGE with an urgent message for sailors Scott Gallyon and Brandon Savory.

SV COOL CHANGE is a LaFitte 44 foot cutter sailboat with a white hull and a SSB radio. They are believed to be in South America, possibly in Argentina or Chile. Gallyon and Savory are in their mid 30’s with a small dog named Peanut and possibly have two crew on board.

SV COOL CHANGE left from Ft. Lauderdale about one year ago.

Anyone with current contact information is asked to contact Eddie@boatwatch.org.