UPDATE: He has arrived safely!

This is from the friend who notified Boat Watch:

Mr Roy Sugden on S/V Pirouette arrived safely last night in Halifax Nova Scotia.  I talked to him a few minutes ago.  He is fine.  Weather conditions. No wind or too much wind. Typically takes 12 days.  This was 22 days.

It’s the first time in 45 years I have had to call in a overdue vessel.   The Boat Watch program is amazing.  

Thank you so much. 

Broadcast Version For Maritime Mobile Service Network and Other Nets

A Overdue Serious Bolo has been issued for SV Pirouette on passage from St. Martin to Nova Scotia. Solo Canadian Captain Roy Sugden, age 74, left on June 27th and was expected to arrive one week ago. He intended to travel east of Bermuda.

 The captain is an accomplished sailor and has made the trip many times but does have some medical issues.

 The boat is described as a Pearson 10 meter sloop, with a white hull, turquoise sail cover and solar panels.

Report any sightings to the nearest Coast Guard or to Eddie@boatwatch.org.