Coast Guard rescues 2 people, cat from sinking houseboat near NC coast

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. — A team with the U.S. Coast Guard rescued two people from a sinking houseboat near the North Carolina coast Saturday.

It happened in Elizabeth City, along the Scuppernong River in Albemarle Sound.

Authorities said Coast Guard watchstanders got the initial call from an area 911 call center, saying two people and their cat were on a 50-foot houseboat that was taking on water.

The guard had to call in a helicopter to hoist the couple out of the water, and they managed to save a cat that was on board as well.

Officials said no one was hurt. “We’re fortunate that we train for these types of scenarios all of the time,” Lt. Karisa Kealy said. “Even though it may be different when you are responding to an actual emergency, you have a solid foundation from your training to always fall back on. That’s what makes the Coast Guard so good at what we do.”

The owner of the houseboat is working with the Coast Guard to salvage the houseboat.