May this New Year bring a new awareness for safety, layers of communication and float plans to our 10,000 members and to thank one and all for your assistance in locating overdue and missing boats. Your awareness and sharp lookouts save lives and help the families or friends of the missing.

Our members are from all parts of the world and amazingly from every aspect of the maritime life to include the various Coast Guards worldwide, port captains, ship and mega yacht crew, cruisers, Ham and amateur radio operators, pilots, and the Yachting industry just to name a few.

A special thank you to the Moderators and Administrators of this group who take their time and expertise to assist this group. They are from the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Europe, the Chesapeake, and SE Asia adding valuable insight and assistance.

Our partners have volunteered time, safety awareness and contributed to the group. Go to home page to see our partners to include a maritime attorney, Chris Parker of Marine Weather Center, The Caribbean Safety and Security Net and many others.

Most of all special wishes for the families and friends of the missing who are also members. You have been so helpful in the searches for your loved ones and have provided valuable insight and assistance to others in need.

Another thanks to the Ham and Amateur Radio Operators that broadcast BOLO’s, Safety Messages and Lookouts. A reminder that also operates the Seven Seas Cruising Association HF Radio Service, FCC call sign KPK, daily at 1215 Hours UTC or 0715 Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Frequency 8.104. The purpose of the net is to pass emergency and priority traffic as well as traffic and information from the Caribbean Safety and Security Net as well as Boat Watch.

Lastly, but most important a big thank you to the men and women of the worldwide Coast Guards for dedicating their lives to this service. Let’s all try to help them by filing float plans and following recommended safety procedures.