UPDATE: August 2, 2021 at 1:00 PM Eastern

Boat Watch has been notified that SV Hueristo is under tow at this time by the Belize Coast Guard. Many thanks to all who helped with communications.

This morning on the SSCA HF Radio Service Net (KPK) 0815 hrs Eastern Time 1215 hrs UTC, 02 August 2021, the S/V PiLi Aloha located in Isla Mujares, Mexico contacted KPK they had been contacted by cruising friends Greg & Nadine Sampson aboard the S/V HUERISTO via a Garmin In-Reach.

The S/V HUERISTO had lost their engine and batteries were dangerously low in position 17-22N / 087-58W, or approximately 17 NM SE of Belize City. Their current position has been updated to 17-11.95N / 087-56.20W as of 10:15 hrs Eastern Time, 02 August 2021.

The S/V HUERISKO is a 1976 41’ Islander Freeport, Ketch rigged, white with burgundy stripe registered in Vancouver, Canada.

The S/V Pili Aloha further advised the vessel is attempting to anchor at their location and is requesting assistance on VHF Channel 16 with no response.

Radio Station KPK contacted the F/V LADY SUE in Honduras for guidance in contacting officials in Belize. KPK then contacted the owner of the fishing fleet owning the F/V LADY SUE in Roatan. He in turn recommended contacting a person in Belize who would be able to assist the disabled vessel. KPK passed the information to this person who advised he would report the incident to the Belize Coast Guard.

Additionally, Jim West, Coastal Station KJM checked on charting programs and located the ITZA RESORT, located near the disabled vessel. KPK contacted the resort and spoke to the manager, Elvis, who gave KPK the phone number of the Coast Guard Officer in Belize, Shane, 011-501-602-1252. A message was left for the Belize Coast Guard.

Also, the S/V PILI ALOHA updated the position of the S/V HEURISKO to 17-11.950N / 087-56.20W.

The SSCA HF Radio Service Net wishes to thank the S/V PILI ALOHA; Jim West, Coastal Station KJM; the F/V LADY SUE, and the owner of the fishing fleet for putting KPK in touch with the right people in Belize who contacted the Belize Coast Guard, as well as Elvis at the ITZA DIVE RESORT in Belize for offering immediate assistance in this matter.