4 boaters saved from shipwreck, in the middle of a storm, south of Martinique

4 boaters had to abandon their ship off the coast of Martinique last night (June 22). For reasons still undetermined, they were sailing in the middle of storm Bret, despite the red alert. This Friday morning (June 23), thanks to better weather conditions, the rescuers were able to intervene by helicopter and find them safe and sound. .

More fear than harm, the 4 boaters who had to abandon their catamaran in the middle of a storm on the night of June 22 to 23 are safe and sound.

They had been victims of damage 100 kilometers south-east of Martinique, while hollows of 6 meters were observed by weather specialists.

For reasons still undetermined, they were forced to leave their ship to take refuge in their life raft.

The alert had been given by radio, but the rescue services at sea could not intervene when red vigilance was in effect and the navigation and flight conditions could not be met.

It was this Friday morning (June 23) at dawn, as storm Bret moved away from our coasts, that the civil security helicopter, the dragon 972, was able to intervene.

The 4 boaters were recovered by helicopter. They wouldn’t have suffered too much from their night spent in the middle of a storm in the hollows of the Sainte Lucie canal.

Medical examinations are underway at the Pierre Zobda Quitman hospital in Fort-de-France.

They will have to explain their presence at sea, when the red alert was triggered on June 22 in the morning.