Boat Watch, Worldwide Search Assistance for Lost, Overdue Boaters, logoOn November 12, 2020, Boat Watch was invited to the Isles Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, FL to describe what our organization,, does.

Eddie stressed the need for cruisers to file Float Plans with friends/family. The people you choose should know your boat and understand  your travel plans. Float Plans, Situational Awareness and multiple forms of communication help Coast Guards, other cruisers, the family and Boat Watch to find you faster should you experience an emergency at sea.

Here are a few minutes of the video of the presentation:

In the video, Eddie also talks about the tremendous help Chris Parker of Marine Weather Center has been in providing drift analysis in some of our cases of missing boaters. The video also features’s webmaster, Candee Gulick, of CeJay Associates.

Thank you to all the cruisers and our partners for helping us look for missing and overdue boaters!

Our Boat Watch Team

Glenn Tuttle
Eddie Tuttle
Candee Gulick, Webmaster