A small boat with about three to four bodies believed to be Hispanics has been discovered in the waters off Grenada’s sister island of Carriacou.

According to a well-placed source, the boat was found drifting by a fisherman from Petite Martinique in waters just outside Carriacou around the Gun Point area and heading towards the capital city of Hillsborough.

“I don’t know how many bodies but if you look at the picture of the boat it seems to have about 3 or 4 bodies,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

The source said that the Grenada Coastguard is duty bound to go out at sea and intercept the boat and the dead bodies since “it is our waters.”

He stated that the Coastguard officials will have to go out with personnel from the Ministry of Health to take charge of the situation.

He said that based on what he is seeing in some videos sent by fishermen from Petite Martinique who are around the boat, he got the sense that the small boat drifted into Carriacou waters down the Atlantic.

“It didn’t come from the Caribbean Sea to come up. I’m surprised that it was not seen by some other fishermen before because of the amount of fishermen we do have fishing outside there,” he remarked.

The source noted that in recent days the presence of high wind out at sea prevented a number of local fishermen from going out on fishing expeditions.

“That’s why the boat wasn’t found before,” he said.