Incidents, shown in descending order begin here:

10/17/2016 SV Water Color
Lost or Overdue Vessel – Nuku Hive to Papeete.
CLOSED:  No Resolution (discontinued 7/1/2018)

7/9/2016 S/V Entertainer
Overdue Vessel – Nuku Hive to Papeete.
CLOSED: 07/12/2016 Received information that the vessel had been located around Takapoto Atoll.  The captain was deceased.

4/20/2016 S/V Ness
CLOSED: On 04/24/2016, a ham radio operator notified RCC Alameda that the S/V Ness had arrived safely in the Marqusas.  No other information is available.

4/4/2016 S/V Anastacia
Lost or Overdue
CLOSED:  No Resolution (discontinued 7/1/2018)

3/10/2016 S/V Aureol
Overdue Vessel – Trinidad to Grenada Port Louis.
CLOSED:  Information received 3/16/2016 from SSCA Cruising Station Host Jesse James in Trinidad, reflects the S/V Aureol has been found in Venezuelan waters.  The owner, John Barsdell, age 79 was not aboard.

3/7/2016 S/V Inspired Insanity
Health & Welfare
CLOSED:  On 03/10/16, we received the information:
SV Inspired Insanity had been contacted.  No further information was given.