Incidents, shown in descending order begin here:

12/20/09 S/V Tate
Overdue Cabo to La Paz, MX
CLOSED:  Vessel located 12/21/2009 in La Paz. All well onboard.

11/21/09 S/V Taisho
Overdue French Polynesia to California.
CLOSED:  Latest info from RCC Alameda watch no longer active pending new info.

11/06/09 S/V Egide
Overdue San Juan to Titusville.
CLOSED:  11/07/2009 Vessel located Spanish Cay Marina, BS.

09/09/09 S/V 2 Captains
EPIRB received
CLOSED:  12/17/2009 Unresolved.

06/01/09 S/V Freebird
Unheard from Puerto Vallarta to the Marquesas.
CLOSED:  06/02/2009 Vessel located Puerto Vallarta.

05/18/09 S/V Endurance II
Overdue Bermuda to St. Vincent.
CLOSED:  05/22/2009 Vessel located Anguilla.

04/25/09 S/V Paper Moon
Urgent message.
CLOSED:  04/26/2009 Message delivered.

01/29/09 S/V Marigold
Overdue Caribbean.
CLOSED:  02/05/2009 Vessel found washed up on Trinidad. Owner deceased. Relatives notified.