Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

10/26/2008 S/V Suli
Overdue Cape Town SA
CLOSED:  10/26/2008 Located Cape Town. All well on board.

10/19/2008 Liberty Call
Overdue Christmas Island
CLOSED:  10/22/2008 Located Fanning Island. Diverted due to weather. All well on board.

09/02/2008 S/V Orbit
Overdue Marquesas.
CLOSED:  10/19/2008 Watch canceled per SAR Papetee. Unresolved.

06/19/2008 S/V Mariela
Urgent message.
CLOSED:  06/20/2008 Message delivered.

04/06/2008 S/V Sunshine
Urgent message.
CLOSED:  04/07/2008 Message delivered.

4/05/2008 S/V Jean Margaret
Overdue Orange Beach, AL.
CLOSED:  04/10/2008 Vessel contacted USCG. All well on board and family notified.

04/03/2008 S/V Rari
Urgent message.
CLOSED:  04/05/2008 Message delivered.

03/19/2008 M/V Coaster
Adrift west of the Dry Tortugas.
CLOSED:  03/19/2008 Sailed into Marco Island. All well onboard.

02/28/2008 M/V Infinity
Overdue Trinidad to Belize.
CLOSED:  02/29/2008 Infinity impounded by the Venezuelan Coast Guard & taken to Punto Fijo, Guaranao.

02/18/2008 S/V Richmond II
Overdue Puerto Salinas to Cabo.
CLOSED:  No resolution (discontinued 08/18/2008)

01/15/2008 S/V Blue Fox
Overdue Costa Rica to Panama.
CLOSED:  01/16/2008 Vessel located in Isla Contador, Panama.

01/11/2008 S/V Legacy
Overdue Monterrey, CA to Costa Rica.
CLOSED:  No Resolution (discontinued 08/18/2008)