Incidents, shown in descending order begin here:

12/27/2007 S/V Alchemy
CLOSED:  01/05/2008 Pax picked up by Russian freighter SE of the Bahamas.

NOTE: Margarita, December 30, 2007 — Sixteen Grenadian citizens who left Port of Spain, Trinidad on Thursday December 20, 2007, aboard the MV CHRISTY B on what should have been a twelve hour journey to Grenada, finally returned to Grenada on Sunday — not by boat, but by air. MV CHRISTY B which was carrying the passengers experienced mechanical problems enroute to Grenada and eventually on December 24 arrived on an island five hours north of Margarita Island known as Los Testigos after being at sea for approximately three days. After exploring several options in order to have the shipwrecked passengers safely repatriated to Grenada, the Government of Grenada through its Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela was able to have the passengers transported by the Venezuelan Coast Guard to Margarita Island on the evening of December 28, 2007 where accommodation and meals were provided. On Sunday Grenada Ambassador to Venezuela Richard Mc Phail through his Embassy ensured that tickets were purchased for the Grenadian Citizens (five females and eleven males) and they were all able to fly back to their families in Grenada aboard ConViasa flight number 2100 which arrived at Point Salines International Airport just after midday.

12/07/2007 S/V No Komis
EPIRB activated.
CLOSED:  12/08/2007 Vessel located. All well.

12/04/2007 S/V Hanalei
Overdue Mazatlan.
CLOSED:  12/07/2007 Located and all well onboard.

11/13/2007 S/V Celebrian
Overdue in West Palm Beach.
CLOSED:  11/14/2007 Reported safe in Beaufort, SC.

09/17/2007 S/V Grainne
Overdue Kaui to the Marshall’s.
CLOSED:  09/20/2007 S/Y Grainne arrived safely in Majuro.

09/10/2007 F/V Ariadne Omar
CLOSED:  09/11/2007 F/V Ariadne Omar located.

08/23/2007 The Island Woman’s owner has been located in Vancouver Canada.

07/19/2007 The Lealea has been found safe. They are currently off the coast of Washington State inbound to Neah Bay.

06/30/2007 Triumph of Hope
Overdue Venezuela.
CLOSED:  07/07/2007 Everyone reported well onboard.

06/27/2007 S/V Charisma
EPIRB activated on the 25th.
CLOSED:  06/28/2007 POB located safe. Boat was lost.

06/07/2007 S/V Paragon
Overdue Culebra to Florida.
CLOSED:  06/09/2007 Paragon located Norfolk, VA.

06/06/2007 S/V Moonshadow
CLOSED:  06/08/2007 Vessel located Atuona, Hiva Oa. All well onboard.

06/04/2007 S/V Relax
Urgent message.
CLOSED:  Message delivered. Relatives will be contacted.

05/31/2007 S/V Lady Ann
CLOSED:  06/01/2007 Lady Ann located in Great Harbor by CG. Relatives contacted.

05/17/2007 BANANA SPLIT
Overdue Bahamas.
CLOSED:  Unresolved.

05/14/2007 S/V Odyssey
CLOSED:  05/15/2007 Odyssey located Anguilla and is headed back to St Maarten this morning. All is well on board.

05/09/2007 S/V Free Spirit
CLOSED:  05/10/2007 Free Spirit arrived Hiva Oa. Contacted relatives.

05/08/2007 M/V Song of San Francisco
CLOSED:  05/09/2007 Located in Guatemala. Relatives contacted.

05/06/2007 S/V Leila
CLOSED:  05/07/2007 Located between Bonaire and Trinidad.

04/19/2007 S/V Winter Wind
CLOSED:  Located and notified to phone home.

04/06/2007 S/V Johannas
CLOSED:  Unresolved.

03/28/2007 M/V Bella
Missing (unreported) Baja, California.
CLOSED:  Contacted 03/29/2007. All okay.

03/07/2007 S/V Tenacious
CLOSED:  Unresolved.

02/28/2007 S/V Colros
CLOSED:  Unresolved.

01/28/2007 S/V AMISTAD
Overdue Acapulco to Panama Canal.
CLOSED:  Located Costa Rica 01/29/2007, all okay.