Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

12/21/2006 S/V Horizon
Overdue Caracou to SanBlas
CLOSED:  Reported safe 12/22/2006

12/14/2006 S/V Theophelus
Overdue San Diego to Puerto Vallarta.
CLOSED:  Reported OK 12/15/2006

12/08/2006 S/V ANU
Reported overdue Puerto Vallarta, Mex.
CLOSED:  Located within 2 hours of our broadcast. All okay on board.

11/27/2006 S/V Papillon
Coast Guard Puerto Rico requested assistance to contact or locate the reported overdue vessel from British Virgin Islands to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.
CLOSED:  Vessel was located 11/28/2006 at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. All is okay.

10/23/2006 S/V Vavitu
Reported missing or overdue in South Pacific.
CLOSED:  Incident closed 11/22/2006 with no word on the missing vessel.

09/16/2006 S/V Zen
Reported overdue Hawaii to Soloman islands.
CLOSED:  Reported OKAY 09/18/2006.

UPDATE: 10/17/2006 provides additional information that the vessel has been found by a fishing boat and was drifting NW of Fiji after not arriving at Guadalcanal. Vessel was dismasted and nobody was aboard. The sole occupant is missing and presumed dead.

06/21/2006 S/V SN Mermaid
Was reported overdue last known to be near Venezuela.
CLOSED:  Vessel contacted via marine SSB 06/22/2006, all okay.

04/21/2006 S/V Sing Sing
Ovedue Canary Island to Senegal, Africa.
CLOSED:  Closed 04/27/2006 with following testimonial:
“Sing Sing is safe in Morocco Harbour where they had to sail due to engine failure. A walker noticed the boat and asked the guy if he was the one all SSB and Internet was looking for”.

03/09/2006 S/V Saudade Du Mar
Overdue St Maarten to Antigua.
CLOSED:  reported safe 03/12/2006

2/07/2006 S/V Cloe
Overdue from Havana, Cuba to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
CLOSED:  Closed 03/09/2006 with no resolution.