Incidents, shown in descending order begin here

11/07/2005 S/V True Companions
Overdue north coast Venezuela.
CLOSED:  Contacted 11/08/2005 all safe in port.

10/08/2005 S/V Minerva
Not heard from in two weeks.
CLOSED:  Contacted in home port, 10/10/2005, all okay on board.

09/05/2005 S/V Banta
Overdue Guadeloupe to Venezuela.
CLOSED:  Contacted 09/08/2005

09/03/2005 Motor Vessel CHECHI
Over due Panama Canal to La Paz, Mexico.
CLOSED:  Located 09/05/2005. All okay.

08/03/2005 Fishing Vessel King Fisher
Missing off Pacific side of Costa Rica.
CLOSED:  Search suspended 08/09/2005 after no sign of the vessel.

07/30/2005 S/V Ultimate
Alaskan waters, urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  Contacted same day.

07/06/2005 S/V JAVA
New Zealand to Tahiti. Urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  Message delivered 07/08/2005.

07/01/2005 S/V Barbarella
Possibly in distress after EPIRB activations, west of Galapagos.
CLOSED:  Vessel reported all is well 07/02/2005.

06/29/2005 Chinese Junk “Chi Lin”
Overdue London, England to Panama Canal Zone.
CLOSED:  Contacted 07/02/2005, all is well.

06/20/2005 S/V Tortuga
Martinique to Florida.
CLOSED:  Reported safe on 06/21/2005

06/06/2005 S/V Fire Water
Overdue Hilo, Hawaii to British Columbia.
CLOSED:  Contacted 06/10/2005, all is well, just slow going.

06/04/2005 S/V FENG SHUI
Overdue La Paz, Mexico to Maui, Hawaii.
CLOSED:  Contacted 6/05/2005 safe in Maui.

06/01/2005 S/V Sanctuary
Believed near Cuba, skipper to call home for urgent message.
CLOSED:  Closed 06/092005, no reply

05/31/2005 S/V Tristan
Overdue Dakar to Canary Islands.
CLOSED:  Contacted 06/11/2005…all okay on board.

05/26/2005 S/V Mouton Noir
Overdue, South Pacific.
CLOSED:  Located and contactd 05/26/2005. All okay on board.

05/26/2005 M/V Major C’s
Urgent message, US West Coast.
CLOSED:  Contacted within 3 hours, message delivered.

04/20/2005 S/V Sea Child
Overdue Ensenada, Mexico to Cabo San Lucas.
CLOSED:  Reported safe 04/21/2005

04/17/2005 S/V Arcadia
Overdue Canary Islands to Windward Islands.
CLOSED:  Reported safe in St. Lucia, 04/18/2005

04/08/2005 S/V Sylvia
Overdue San Diego to La Paz, Mexico.
CLOSED:  Located 04/10/2005

04/05/2005 S/V Athanor
France to Hawaii, no word since November, 2004.
CLOSED:  Watch called off 05/17/2005

03/25/2005 S/V Rusalak
Cabo San Lucas area. Urgent message.
CLOSED:  Contacted within 12 hours, phoned home.

03/08/2005 S/V Sara III
Overdue Martinique to Canary Islands. Last contacted December 2004.
CLOSED:  Watch called off 02/17/2005

03/01/2005 S/V Quartet
2 POB in Abacos, Bahamas, need to urgently call home.
CLOSED:  Contacted 03/03/2005.

02/16/2005 S/V Betong
Overdue Cape Verde to Dakar, Senegal.
CLOSED:  Contacted 02/21/05. All is well.

02/09/2005 S/V Krisnic
Overdue from Canary Islands to Trinidad
CLOSED:  Reported safely arrived 02/12/05

01/29/2005 S/V Dollfin
Stollen from mooring in Puerto Rico.
CLOSED:  03/12/2005 gave up search.

01/21/2005 S/V Sea Kardinal
CLOSED:  Located in Balboa within hours of our request to pass an urgent message.

01/21/2005 S/V Paradise
Overdue Trinidad to Europe. Last contact April 2004.
CLOSED:  Watch called off 02/15/2005

01/13/2005 S/V LE SPHINX
Overdue Royan, France to Casamance, Senegal.
CLOSED:  Official search abandoned by French Government.  Incident closed 03/12/2005 with no positive sign of vessel or crew.

01/11/2005 S/V Marsal
Overdue Trinidad to St Maarten.
CLOSED:  01/26/2005 we have been notified the vessel was found washed on shore in Venezuela with no sign of the single person on board.

11/22/2004 S/V Helena
Overdue Trinidad to Brazil.
CLOSED:  Search given up, 03/12/05