12/16/2004 S/V KIWIIn
San Blas Islands for Urgent H&W msg.
CLOSED: Contacted and phoned home within 2 hours of our alert.

12/16/2004 S/V NO KAOUI
Overdue Ensenada to Puerto Vallarta, MX.
CLOSED: Contacted same day, all well on board.

12/06/2004 S/V MIYA
Overdue Hawaii to Japan.
CLOSED:  Vessel contacted 12/15/2004, all is well.

12/13/2004 M/V SONRISA
Overdue Corona Del Mar, Cal to Magdalena Bay, Mexico.
CLOSED:  Located/contacted 12/14/2004.

11/25/2004 S/V ASYLOM
Overdue San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico.
CLOSED:  Located 11/27/2004 at Naval Pier, Ensenada. All okay.

11/22/2004 M/V No Bad Days
Overdue from San Quintin to Puerta Vallarta.
CLOSED:  Located same day (11/22/2004), all safe on board.

11/11/2004 S/V Riverdance
Near Union Island, Grenadines, urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  Located/Contacted phoned home, 11/12/2004.

06/24/2004 S/V Mary C
Overdue Cabo San Lucas to Fiji.
CLOSED:  Located, headed to Society Islands, all okay (06/24/2004)

06/21/2004 M/V Ceresco
Deltham Arbor, Alaska, urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  Closed within 6 hours.

06/14/2004 S/V Damiana
El Salvador, crew in Guatemala hospital, need to notify caretaker of boat.
CLOSED:  closed in 30 min.

05/27/2004 S/V Jennifer
Martinique to Caracas, urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  contacted 05/31/2004 on Granada, phoned home.

05/21/2004 S/V Chimere
Believed to be near Roatan, urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  Boat contacted same day, phoned home.

05/13/2004 M/V Tortuga
Over due La Paz, Mex. to Stockton, CA
CLOSED:  contacted; all is well on the boat, 05/13/2004

04/12/2004 S/V Mamouna
Over due Panama to Equador. 2 POB.
CLOSED:  Reported safe in Equador, 04/13/2004.

04/08/2004 Sport Fisher Argus
5 POB overdue Cabo San Lucas to San Diego, CA.
CLOSED:  Contacted 04/08/2004 in Ensenada, all is well.

03/30/2004 S/V Ancilla
Belize to Cancun, urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  04/01/2004, message delivered, phoned home.

03/17/2004 S/V Chessie
St Maarten or vicinity, urgent message to call home.
CLOSED:  03/20/2004, message delivered, phoned home.

03/05/2004 S/V Cadenza
Overdue off Baja California.
CLOSED:  Vessel located Turtle Bay (Baja) 03/06/2004, all is well on board.

03/05/2004 S/V Glide
Stolen in Grenada, could be in Europe.
CLOSED:  Owner wants to recover vessel from ex husband. (closed, no success)

02/25/2004 S/V Endeavor
30′ San Juan with one POB overdue Costa Rica.
CLOSED:  Vessel contacted 03/06/2004, all is well.

02/17/2004 S/V Cythera
50′ Ketch abandoned off of Jamaica after losing rudder.
CLOSED:  Recovered by Jamaican CG, 02/18/2004

02/14/2004 S/V Fairweather
Windward Islands, not heard from several weeks, family worried.
CLOSED:  Located and contacted 02/15/2004

01/04/2004 S/V Tropikat
CLOSED:  Arrived safely in Bequia after 44 day passage from Las Palmas on 01/05/2004..family was worried.

01/16/2004 New Beneteau
57′ Sloop reported stolen, Charleston, S.C. FBI thinks it is headed south.
CLOSED:  Located 01/29/2004