10/31/02 S/V Suez
Fiji to New Zealand, Health and Welfare message.
CLOSED:  Contacted 11/02/2002

10/26/02 S/V Banshee
Overdue Hermit Islands
CLOSED:  Located 10/27/2002 badly damaged but 2 POB OK

10/22/02 S/V Eddy
Overdue near Spain.
CLOSED:  Unsolved.

10/10/02 S/V Rondezvous
H&W message
CLOSED:  Contacted 10/14/2002 in San Diego.
(Note: this appears to be related to incident of same vessel name on 09/02, but is separate incident involving Skipper’s mother in failing health.  Minor discrepancy in spelling of boat name, but believed to the same boat.)

09/09/02 S/V Love
Overdue Australia to Hawaii
CLOSED:  Search called off 10/29/2002 (no contact)

09/06/02 S/V Hukuna Matata
South Pacific, located 09/12/2002 (now a police matter).
UPDATE:  As of 10/09 we are opening this incident as a request to locate the remains of one victim.  Incident ultimately closed, unsolved.

09/02/02 S/V Rondevous
H&W message
CLOSED:  Contacted 09/06/2002 west coast of Mexico

08/20/02 S/V Aries
H&W message
CLOSED:  Boat and crew located 08/21/2002 in Mexico

08/19/02 S/V Sai-Baba
Overdue Marquesas to Tahiti.
CLOSED:  Located safe in Tahiti, 08/20/2002

08/15/02 S/V Carino
“Runaway yacht” after crew fell overboard, St Lucia.
CLOSED:  Boat located 08/21/2002 (crew saved by passing vessel)

08/14/02 S/V Idle Queen
Overdue Japan to Washington State.
CLOSED:  Located. Contacted 08/31/2002 1300 milesout of San Francisco.  Everything okay on board

07/26/02 S/V Lady Angel
CLOSED:  Located Aruba 07/28/2002 after 2 week layup for engine repairs

07/01/02 M/V Katro
Fishing near Bimini
CLOSED:  Search called off by CG Miami, 07/03/2002

06/27/02 S/V Morning Star
En route Puerto Rico to Florida.
CLOSED:  Located in Bahamas 06/28/2002

06/16/02 S/V Grafitti
Antiqua to Tortola
CLOSED:  Located Tobago Keys, within 4 hours, same day.

06/10/02 S/V Nepenthe
CLOSED:  Located Hermit Island, 06/18/2002

06/06/02 S/V Sweet Sixteen
Overdue Galapagos to New Zealand.
CLOSED:  Located Marquasas, 07/28/2002

06/04/02 S/V Patricia Bell
Mexico to Hawaii
CLOSED:  Located/contacted 06/09/2002 approaching Hawaii

05/28/02 S/V Steppenwolf (renamed Timshel?)
New Zealand
UPDATE:  Closed 06/14/2004 as unsolved

04/16/02 S/V Alouette De Mer
CLOSED:  Located West Coast of Mexico within 3 hours, same day.  While no direct contact was made this day with the crew, we provided to the worried family members the hotel, room, and phone number where crew was lodging while boat being repaired.

03/31/02 S/V Cruise-N-Time
Someplace along Pacific Coast of Central America.
CLOSED:  Contacted, urgent message delivered same day.

03/28/02 6 vessels Indian Ocean
CLOSED:  Located and contacted 03/29/2002 (Austrailian Authorities)

03/11/02 S/V Rainbow Chaser
Near New Zealand
CLOSED:  Located 03/12/2002 in Marina (New Zealand)

03/07/02 S/V Uchi Mata
CLOSED:  Located Nassau, Bahamas, 03/08/2002

02/28/02 S/V Pieces of Eight
CLOSED:  Located west coast of Mexico, same day

02/08/02 S/V October
Georgetown to Long Island, Bahamas
CLOSED:  Located 02/09/2002

02/07/02 S/V Sojourner
Near Trinidad.
CLOSED:  Located same day in Trinidad

01/29/02 S/V Manx
Canary Island to Miami
CLOSED:  Safe in Miami 02/03/2002

01/29/02 S/V Pendragon
Urgent Message, Cuba to Yucatan
CLOSED:  Contacted 02/02/2002, Cancun

01/22/02 S/V Aguila
Overdue Nassau to Caymans.
CLOSED:  Located 0700, 01/23/2002 in Provo