UPDATE: January 22, 2021: The owner of this sailing vessel advises that the cargo ship that rescued him was the Harvest Frost. The sailor expresses his gratitude to the ship and all involved in the rescue. The SV is a Belgium flagged boat.


UPDATE January 22, 2021: Thank you to all who helped with information concerning this boat. It’s all about cruisers helping cruisers. Many thanks to yet another cargo ship rescue.

The owner is now in contact with Boatwatch.org and the USCG has been notified. The owner advised that they were rescued on July 2, 2020 by a cargo ship, 470 miles from the Canary Islands. They were dismasted and had engine failure. Maritime Rescue from the Canary Islands advised them to set the boat adrift.

All mariners should keep a sharp look-out and report any sightings to the USCG.


BOLO: On January 21, 2021, USCG San Juan requested help in determining the circumstances of an unoccupied, drifting and dismasted sailing vessel located approximately 60 miles north of San Juan Puerto Rico at:

20-01.77 N

066-27.26 W

Anyone with information should contact at Glenn@boatwatch.org or Eddie@botwatch.org.