From a Flotsam and Jetsam Report

Observed January 7, 2024

Latitude 36 05’26S and Longitude 175 24’58E

“Looks like the shipwrecked remains of a yacht.. stainless rigging and stays.. stanchions (1 only) in stainless. Looks like lithium battery banks in blue plastic cases.
Stainless stove top pot n pan grid..
Sheets were spliced using the dyneema method. White plastic or nylon mesh.. maybe for sun shelter? Clothing items x2. A green bikini top to fit a pettit woman and the remains of a shirt with the label ‘Fiejoa Aotearoa’, also a small zipped grey coloured (possibly a rope bag) with black trim and ‘D’ rings on each corner.. with printed on it.. (have photos of a few of these things which we took as we did not have a camera with us).
A small inner tube with an attachment on the valve to inflate by mouth. All the debri has been there for a good while we think.. maybe up to 18 months as a lot of it is well buried under huge boulders.. but was not there in 2021 when we last went ashore there.
We think the vessel may have been around the 50′ mark with an inboard motor as there was a muffler there too.
There are a lot of small pieces of fibreglass and foam which is prob the hull etc. Also some wiring and remains of electrical switches.
For photos of the few things we took please email me.
I will be reporting it to MNZ and Barrier Police.

believed to be We think this is a yacht of around 40 to 50ish ft.. just from looking at the diameter of the stainless rigging and a muffler (indicating engine size) both of which are still on the shore.”