Boat Watch has been asked by the owner of this SV to post his request to look for his boat. He was rescued and had to abandon the boat on November 13, 2022 off of Charleston South Carolina. 

Contact Brian Hodess at

“I am the owner of sailing vessel Chimera a 60’ Hinckley yawl with a teak deck and dark blue hull.

We had to abandon the vessel about 65 miles southeast of Charleston SC.

That boat had been taking on water for quite some time and repeated attempts to address the problem failed and high seas required us to leave.

This was on November 13th. 

After repeated attempts to locate the boat had failed…We thought the boat had gone down.

I just heard perhaps 5th or 6th hand that the boat was found afloat and towed in …in England. I have no way of knowing if this is true and have no reliable contacts at this time.

Chimera was built in 1997 by the Hinckley shipyard in Southwest harbor Maine.

She is 59’-3” L.O.A  with a beam of  15’6” her draft with the centerboard up is 7’4’ and with the board down it is 12’6”.

The boat has a dark blue hull with a white boot strip and bright red bottom paint.

She is yawl rigged.

When the boat was left it was hove too with the staysail and mizzen sail flying and the center board was in the down position.”