SV Panta Rhei III reported the following: “We were cruising around St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles, on the westward side of the island just before the Anguilla Channel, headed N / NE. We lost it while under sail on 2/22/21 at Lat 18.085444 and Longitude 63.160559.



Anyone with information should contact SV Panta Rhei III, a Bavaria Caribic 390 monohull sloop registered in Canada. They are currently in St. Maarten on a mooring in the Simpson Bay Lagoon or


The weather was quite windy and the waves and swells were large. The dinghy had been being towed behind our boat and the knot that we’ve always used must’ve untied and it slipped away. Fortunately the outboard was not on the dinghy, we always take it off before sailing. Inside the dinghy are brand new paddles and an extender for the tiller. ”