If you have lost track of a loved one, friend or fellow cruiser at sea, or you need to contact them with an urgent message, we can help.  Learn what we do at BoatWatch.org, and how we may be able to help you locate them.

Locating Boats Worldwide

The motivation for a “Boat Watch” organization dates back to 1998 when members of the Ham and Maritime Radio Services were contacted to broadcast a “BOLO” (Be On the LookOut) for vessels overdue at their intended destination, or had gone all together missing.

Since then, BoatWatch.org has become recognized as the authority and repository for information on Overdue, Missing and Stolen Vessels throughout the world. BoatWatch.org works closely with the USCG Rescue Coordination Centers around the country and the world.  We have successfully located over 100 vessels, many in record time, through the use of High Frequency (HF or Ham) radio, this website, and our Facebook Group “Boat Watch.”

What We Do When You Submit a Boat Watch

These are the 8 things that happen right away when you submit a Boat Watch:

  1.  The Maritime Mobile Service Network uses Boatwatch.org to broadcast BOLOS (Be On The Lookout) for missing and overdue vessels world-wide. This popular network is operational every day from 12:00pm until 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (12:00pm - 10:00pm Eastern Daylight Time,) on the 20 meter Global Emergency Center Of Activity frequency of 14.300 MHz as outlined by the International Radio Union.
  2.  The Seven Seas Cruising Association HF Radio Service KPK broadcasts the BOLO every morning at 0715 Eastern Standard Time (0815 Eastern Daylight Time) on SSB Frequency 8.104 from our powerful SSB Coastal Station in SW Florida. Coverage is from Nova Scotia to South America and over to Europe.
  3. The Waterway Radio & Cruising Club Amateur Radio Net, which has been servicing amateur radio enthusiasts on boats for over 50 years, repeats BOLOS found on Boatwatch.org daily. They are on daily at 0745 hrs Eastern Time on 7.268 LSB.
  4. The Cruiseheimers Net at 0830 Eastern Time on frequency 8.152 repeats the BOLOS from Boatwatch.org.
  5.  The Doo Dah Net at 1700 hrs Eastern Time on frequency 8.152 repeats BOLOS from Boatwatch.org.
  6. The Marine Weather Center, hosted by popular weather forecaster Chris Parker often repeats active Boat Watches from Boatwatch.org during his daily morning SSB weather forecasts.
  7. Boatwatch.org also maintains an active Facebook Group called Boat Watch with all active Boat Watches along with photos and up to date information with comments from the public.
  8. The Cruisers Network Online, with approximately 1500 members world-wide, receive a copy of the BOLO.

Although many of our Boat Watches come from the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centers, all vessels, family, and friends are welcome to participate in Boatwatch.org by contacting us or filing a report.

Boatwatch.org is an all-volunteer organization and operates free of charge.

Boat Watch is a free, all-volunteer service, run by Cruisers.It’s all about Cruisers Helping Cruisers locating boats worldwide.

Use our new online form, available 24/7. We monitor it daily and want to help you as quickly as possible.

Boatwatch.org, assistance finding lost & overdue boaters

Current Watches

There are no current watches at this time reported to Boatwatch.org.

We will update this page as information becomes available.

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